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Creativity, Ethics, Accuracy

Professionalism, Trust, Honesty

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The Portulogia Group started its activity in 2012.


Its founding partners a group of entrepreneurs with extensive professional experience and a path of great success in business management, who decided to invest in a project that is based on internationalization, both of Portuguese products such as differentiated services.


Currently, Portulogia Group, develops activity in Real Estate and Food sectors, with the medium-term goal to expand areas of intervention for industries such as Mining, Advertising, Insurance, Accounting, Financial Advisory and Wealth Management.



Being a business reference group in each sector and the markets where it operates, distinguished by the quality of the products it sells and the differentiation of its services, with focus on innovation and high standards of professionalism.


Develop models for fair and responsible business, achieving strong profit with the exercise of their activity and contributing useful and socially responsible manner for each country concerned and for the community in which it operates.

Creativity, Ethics, Accuracy
Professionalism, Trust, Honesty

- Our values -

Where We Are



- Portal Selling Gourmet Products
- Export



- Portal Selling Gourmet Products
- Export

Real Estate

- Construction
- Brokerage



Food Distribution, online and export


Development and marketing of digital content management, embodied in software with different categories of which are: financial consulting, insurance, brokerage, real estate / construction, franchising, advertising and health & wellness.

Contacts: Portugal

Edifício EIRENA, Zona Industrial Casal do Cego,
Rua Casal do Cego CCI Covinhas
2420-315 Leiria

Contacts: Brasil

Rua Élia Barros, 9065, Ponta Negra, Natal/RN
CEP: 59090-140

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